This site refers to the three types of Redwood by the names commonly used in the U.K:
Giant Redwood Giant Redwood / Giant Sequoia / Wellingtonia Sequoiadendron giganteum
Coast Redwood Coast Redwood / Redwood Sequoia sempervirens
Dawn Redwood Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides
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January James added episode 4 to his Guerrilla Tree Planting video series -
The Giant Redwood
You Tube    Giant Redwood

October Simon Reeve explores the land of the giant redwoods
The Americas with Simon Reeve   
BBC2 - 27/10/2019
Coast Redwood

November Giant Redwood tree reduced to a stump by developer "by mistake"
Wales Online    BBC Radio Wales - 18/12/2018
Rob McBride's interview
Giant Redwood
October Castlewellan’s Giant Sequoia in finals for Tree of the Year
Woodland Trust Giant Redwood
September Groundbreaking efforts by 19th century Perthshire farmer to propagate giant redwood trees recognised
The Courier Giant Redwood
August Albino Redwoods Point to Resiliency Within The Species
Written by Tom Stapleton Coast Redwood
June Yosemite grove of giant sequoia trees reopens to public
National Parks Service Giant Redwood

September Decoding California’s redwood trees to bolster future forests
The Mercury NewsGiant Redwood Coast Redwood
August Alan Titchmarsh vows to save Queen's tree at Wisley in M25 row
"One option would take out a bank of trees including giant redwoods"Giant Redwood
August Peggy Edwards gave a talk at Dundee University Botanic Gardens on Redwoods
Patrick Matthew Memorial EventGiant Redwood Coast Redwood Dawn Redwood
July Center Parcs Longleat is home to UK's tallest Giant Redwood tree
Somerset LiveGiant Redwood
January Pioneer Cabin Tree in California felled by storms
BBC News Giant Redwood

October The mystery of the "ghost trees" may be solved
Washington Post     Chimera RedwoodsCoast Redwood
September Rhyddings Park 'Big Red' tree chopped down
2BR Local RadioGiant Redwood
July Rhyddings Park in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire - Giant Redwood to be Axed
Accrington Observer Giant Redwood
March Forty Coast Redwood trees planted at the Eden Project in Cornwall
The Guardian   The Eden ProjectCoast Redwood    
January Thundersley's Biggest Christmas Tree
Hadleigh & Thundersley Community ArchiveGiant Redwood

December Gardeners' Questions Time - Harpenden - Oldest Christmas tree
(Redwood article starts 16 minutes into the programme)
BBC Gardeners' Question TimeGiant Redwood
June Climber Scales Coast Redwood Tree With His Bare Hands
Weather.comCoast Redwood    
June Drought begins to kill coast redwoods and other iconic trees while state's forest fire risk rises
E E NewsCoast Redwood
March Scientists at the Eden Project have cloned 10 saplings from the Fieldwood Stump
The Mail OnlineCoast Redwood

August Species of trees grown in the UK in the Victorian era are set to return
The TelegraphGiant Redwood Coast Redwood
August Update - Rare albino redwood tree transplanted in Cotati
ABC News The Press DemocratCoast Redwood
July Update - Rare albino chimera redwood tree to be relocated in Cotati
You TubeCoast Redwood
May Poachers attack redwood trees in California
The Sydney Morning HeraldCoast Redwood
March A rare albino chimera redwood under threat
The Press DemocratCoast Redwood    

December Redwood climbing and aerial filming by Height Club
in the New ForestGiant Redwood
November The BBC Radio 4 Shared Planet episode about Giant Redwoods (Sequoia)
Shared PlanetGiant Redwood
August Scientists say that climate change may be speeding Giant and Coast Redwood growth
The Los Angeles TimesGiant Redwood Coast Redwood
May The Coast Redwood garden was a silver gilt winner at the Chelsea Flower Show
Save the RedwoodsCoast Redwood
May Crann calls for return of diaspora trees in Ireland
Embrace these ‘previous’ nativesGiant Redwood

October Redwood World grows its first tree big enough to support a squirrel!
Colchester Castle ParkCoast Redwood

November Colchester Castle Park Tree Walk
A Coastal Redwood
It's an amazing tree
Close to the bowling green
Coast Redwood

August Redwood World plants out their first Giant Sequoias
Center Parcs, ElvedenGiant Redwood
  Redwood World website - first ideas
The original Redwood World websiteGiant Redwood Coast Redwood Dawn Redwood

  Dawn Redwood discovered in China
Dawnredwood.orgDawn Redwood

  Giant Redwood seeds from America reach the British Isles
Cambridge University Botanic GardenGiant Redwood

  Coast Redwood seeds from America reach the British Isles
Kew Royal Botanic GardensCoast Redwood