This site refers to the three types of Redwood by the names commonly used in the U.K:
Giant Redwood Giant Redwood / Giant Sequoia / Wellingtonia Sequoiadendron giganteum
Coast Redwood Coast Redwood / Redwood Sequoia sempervirens
Dawn Redwood Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides
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Giant Sequoia A fantastic American site with a huge amount of information about Giant Redwoods with detailed questions and answers on growing, planting and looking after the world's largest tree. Highly recommended!
The Sequoia Project A great German site with information on Giant Redwoods in Europe, including the UK via 'Sequoias in Europe'.
Mammoetbomen in BelgiŽ A very good Belgium site with information on Giant Redwoods in Europe. There is also a UK gallery.
Redwoods in Belgium/France A French speaking site about trees that intends to focus more closely on Redwoods in the future.
Redwoods in France A new (in May 2007) French site with information on Giant Redwoods including a nifty link that displays redwood locations on Google Earth.
The Tree Search for 'Redwoods' for some amazing pictures and facts.
The Tree 2 The Rationale for Planting Exotic Trees - Alan Mitchell.
Chimera Redwoods A site dedicated to the study & research of rare Albino Redwood mutations.
National Park Service American National Park Service site - search for 'sequoia', also 'fire' for interesting facts about fire management.
Save the Redwoods American Save the Redwoods site - more facts about Redwoods including specific examples.
Grove of Titans Redwood Trees An account of an exploration of the Jedediah Smith Redwood Forest in America written by Mario D. Vaden.
English Nature Mentions "The flora, which probably grew on the mountainous slopes of Dartmoor and in the valley flood plain is dominated by redwood conifers..." A talk by Richard Preston on the Giant Trees. Very highly recommended
Radio 4 17th June 2009 James Aldred climbs one of Britain's tallest trees, a Giant Redwood affectionately called Goliath
Radio 4 16th February 2012 James Aldred climbs Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in Northern California
BBC How to Grow a Planet Episode 1 Life from Light - includes Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in California
BBC The Last Explorers Episode 3 John Muir - includes Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) in California
Giants of the Tree World Giant trees in Hatfield, Herfordshire, includes much historical and botanical information.
Youtube video of Redwood climb Jim Spickler describes what it's like to climb the world's tallest tree.
Sierra Nature Prints Peggy Edwards is a botanical illustrator whose work includes cones of Redwoods and other Californian trees.
Cloning of Redwood trees An article on the cloning of some of the most ancient Redwood trees by a team of conservationists in America.
Noble Conifers David Attenborough looks at Giant Sequoia on the Living Planet programme.
Nature Speaking Robert (and Lena) Redford speaks for the Redwood tree.
Giant Sequoia Trees A company providing accomodation in the Sequoia National Park.
Nathan Stephenson's publications Nate is a forest ecologist with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center.
Calaveras Big Tree State Park "The first UK seeds originated here. The bark of the Mother of the Forest was also displayed at the Crystal Palace." {Martin}
3D measurements of large redwood trees for biomass and structure (Published 15 Oct 2020) "I'm a scientist interested in trees - particularly their size & shape, how much carbon they store and how that is changing in response to climate." {Mat}
Canadian Forestry Service report Establishing Redwood forests in new area (U.S.A.)

Tree Register The Tree Register - Not much on Redwoods but useful details on trees generally.
Woodland Trust The Woodland Trust - A useful directory of woods in the UK managed by the Woodland Trust.
Includes this article on The Secret Forest of Umbria, Italy in the Ancient Tree Forum.
Tree Council The Tree Council - A general UK tree site but a shortage of Redwoods!
Oaks of Bialowieza National Park A site written by Tomasz Niechoda from Poland, not Redwoods but notable nonetheless.
Ancient and Veteran Yew Trees Information and forum about UK Yews.

Anglesey Abbey In the Abbey's 98 Acre grounds they have recently planted no less than 36 Wellingtonia.
Cambridge University Botanic Garden 40 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens which includes a bizzare Weeping Wellingtonia.
Beaulieu The National Motor Museum in the heart of the New Forest has a number of Redwoods.
Lynford Hall A history of the Hall where a double rowed set of Giant Redwoods are growing.
Ickworth House A real Redwood-fest with several mini-groves of Coast and Giant Redwood.

Guerrilla Gardening ..sowing the seeds of resistance in south London, with a spot of illicit gardening in its neglected public spaces.
A community project based in Chiswick, West London. "Abundance is a team of volunteers who have been harvesting city fruit, distributing it, making jams & preserves, or selling the surplus to local restaurants and shops on a non-profit basis, ie. the money goes back into the project or to local charitable organisations."
Chitern Seeds A Seed Supplier, including Redwood seeds.
Great Big Trees Offering a wide range of tree species in recyclable transparent tubes - including Redwoods of course.
Froglets Publications Bob Ogley's book business, Bob wrote 'In The Wake of The Hurricane'.
G.B. (and French) National Grid Status A site that shows the electricity generation and use in the U.K. (and optionally France).