There are actually three types of tree which can be known by the term Redwood. The main one I will feature....
Giant Redwoods in the U.K.

This site is about trees in Britain. Well, not just any trees, but some that are quite exceptional. Redwoods.
Most people have heard of Giant Redwoods, and will probably even know that they originate from somewhere in America. But the truth is that although relatively rare, they can actually be found in most towns in Britain.
If you know where to look.

First of all... Why look? Why the fascination?
The answer, for me, is that they are just so magnificent! It's not just their size, though they can of course be phenominally huge. It is also their shape, their sturdy buttress style, their soft spongy bark, these all add to the appeal. Also, when you look up along the trunk of one, and see the slim branches sweeping gracefully downwards, well, there is just an air of pre-historic mystique about them...