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Haslemere - Marley Common (Surrey)
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Thanks to Luke for sending these photographs of Giant Redwoods on Marley Common. The tree in the top left picture was difficult to identify as a Sequoia because of the infestation of ivy.

It is a great shame that so many Giant Redwood trees around the country have become neglected and over-run with ivy. The Americans seem to be more active in preventing ivy from over-running and ruining trees, as can be seen on this typical U.S. web page. British organisations seem to be more relaxed about ivy, but anyone who has seen a fine tree completely smothered will feel only distaste for the creeper.

The ivy is actually fairly easy to remove from trees as ivy stems are quite brittle and easily snapped when small, and easily cut with secateurs up to an inch or so in diameter.

Unfortunately, on my travels I have seen trees with ivy stems as much three inches or more across. These as still quite easy to cut as their wood is not very tough, so a small handsaw will get make easy work of them. They should be cut around a foot or two from the base and pulled away in both directions as much as possible. A dusty job, so if you are dressed too smartly for it, simply cutting them will be a big help to the tree. If there are stinging nettles at the base, and you're dressed in shorts, then you are stymied!

Luke found this Giant Sequoia on Marley Lane. He says "You see it on the way to Marley Common, sorry the pictures quite poor, it's another one that's in someones garden but I thought I should send it because it looks to be at least 7m in girth"

Thanks Luke, another one to look out for on my next trip to Surrey.

Luke has also sent photographs and measurements of many other Redwood trees in his area including Polecat Copse, Black Down and Woolmer Hill.

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