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Haslemere - Black Down (Surrey)
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Two in One
Luke and his friends had been out hunting more Redwoods, this time at Black Down.

Fourteen People
Luke mentions that the above tree was probably the source of a false rumor that ten years ago fourteen people stood holding hands around the tree and they claimed it was between 17 and 26 meters. Luke said it was in fact more like 7m in girth

Front Garden Tree
Tall Tree          Short Tree
Name Girth Notes
Front Garden Tree 7.08m In someone's front garden, it has a nice quite big branch about 20 foot up the trunk
Tall Tree 7.4m Covered in brambles which made it hard to measure but it looks quite tall
Short Tree 6.8m It looks very short and has very low branches.

Thanks again to Luke for the above photographs, measurements and comments about three more Giant Redwoods at Blackdown.

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