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Wellington - Oakfield Park (Somerset)
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Tree One: "This tree had his head chopped off between 5 and 10 years ago.
He was once one of the taller of the bunch in the town, but is now one of the smaller, after an estimated 8 metres was cut off."
- September 2021

Tree Two: "This young Wellingtonia is looking very healthy and should grow to be nice and tall." - September 2021
Yet another excellent Giant Redwood find of three Wellingtonia in Wellington, Somerset by George.

George's co-ordinates and measurements for these trees:
Tree One: 5058'19.8"N 313'13.7"W. Height - 23.16 metres.
Tree Two: 5058'20.8"N 313'13.5"W. Height: 11.72 metres.
Tree Three: 5058'19.8"N 313'19.9"W. Height: 5.03 metres.

Tree Three: Giant Redwood - September 2021
George wrote; "This area has three Wellingtonia in it. Wellingtonia were named after the Duke of Wellington and he got his name from this town of Wellington. This would explain why there are so many of them around the town, including this young one who was planted for the anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, in which the Duke of Wellington was a Commander."

"This photograph shows the three in Oakfield Park, plus in the middle of the image, two in Jurston Lane in the distance.
On the right of the picture is a Wellingtonia in Oldway Park."
- September 2021

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