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Wellington - Oldway Park (Somerset)
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"This Wellingtonia is very wide and doesn’t get much thinner until his very top, making him rather round. He is surprisingly tall as well." - September 2021

"This was a late find of a potential Dawn Redwood. I’m not 100% sure whether she actually is one, but the leaves and the general shape of the tree seem to indicate as such." - September 2021
Thanks to George for these photographs of a Wellingtonia and a possible Dawn Redwood that he discovered along the road called Oldway Park.

George's co-ordinates and measurements for these trees:
Giant Redwood: 50°58'16.7"N 3°13'02.5"W. Height - 29.41 metres.
Dawn Redwood: 50°58'20.4"N 3°12'56.8"W. Height - 15.54 metres.

A good Giant Redwood find George, and hopefully also a great Dawn Redwood. I have a nagging doubt about the Dawn Redwood, the trunk doesn't quite look right. Swamp Cypress have very similar foliage, albeit the tiny leaflets are alternate rather than opposing, but the Swamp Cypress has a less furrowed and smoother trunk than the Dawn Redwood. A close up photograph of the foliage would help confirm one way or the other. Let's hope I'm wrong!

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