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Ullapool - Lael Forest Garden (Ross & Cromarty)
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Giant Redwoods - June 2007
Tam has been busy searching out more Redwoods in Scotland during 2007, this time near Ullapool. He wrote; "On the A835 Braemore Junction to Ullapool road in the Northwest Highlands there are 20 plus Giant Sequoias of great size along a few miles of the road. Lael Forest Garden is managed by the Forestry Commission and has many walks through 17 acres of woodland. The largest in terms of girth that I found in this area is right in the middle of this forest garden. It measures 7.90m circumference (3 times I tried to see if it exceeded 8m but alas no). It has had a bench and walkway constructed to it.

There is another which is 6m in girth a short walk away, it has forked quite high up which you will see in the photo. There is another small one, recently planted, which is 10ft tall, I had walked past it a number of times before noticing it as it is unexpected in this garden of giants. There are also some huge Sitka spruce, Noble firs, Norway spruce, European Silver fir and Douglas fir as well as Cricket Bat Willows."

Never fear Tam, just re-measure in a few years and your 7.90m tree will have reached your magical 8m!

It is good to see the recently planted young tree as a legacy for future generations to enjoy. Lael Forest Garden looks like a lovely place to walk and to see some great trees, thanks Tam.

Giant Redwoods - October 2016
Ray sent the above photographs of more Giant Redwood along the side of the A835 in this area. He said that Lael Forest Garden "states that there are over 200 different types of tree in the and there is a marvellous walk through the forest, although very steep."

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