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Sheffield - Sheffield Botanical Gardens (South Yorkshire)
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Coast Redwood

Giant Redwood
Thanks to Pete who emailed in January 2021 giving a list of some of the places he has spotted Redwoods over the years.
These two are in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.

Pete wrote; "I have an absolute (amateur) love and fascination for trees in general, but for Redwoods in particular. They have captivated me from a very young age, when it became clear to me as a child that on the west coast of the US there were some goliath trees that have existed for millennia and far exceeded anything I had seen before in both size and magnificence. Imagine my surprise when I found that they did not just once populate the land we now call Britain, but that they can be found here today as a result of the Victorian botanists of the 18th century.

Over the years I have made a mental note to engage in “Redwood spotting” when travelling – something which is surprisingly easy to do given the way many of the older trees tower over those around them. And I see them everywhere, not least from the windows of the train as it traverses the main-line between Sheffield and London – literally hundreds.

It's good to hear from others who have a fascination for Redwoods and of course a love of trees in general.

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