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Shalford - Summersbury Hall (Surrey)
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The trees viewed from the bridge over the Downs Link cycle path on Tannery Lane.
This is probably the best view of this pair you can get without going on the property.
Thanks to Aidan for sending these photographs in 2021, he wrote to say;
"There is a fine pair of redwoods at Summersbury Hall near Shalford (Surrey).
Summersbury Hall is a block of flats and, looking at pictures from the internet, it seems to have a nice garden.
Iím not sure if itís publicly accessible but it would be nice to investigate and see if I can have a closer look at these lovely trees.
They can be seen from quite far away in each direction so they are certainly a local landmark.

The wider landscape with these trees on the left. This was taken from the Downs Link cycle path.

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