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Salhouse - Salhouse Hall (Norfolk)
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Thanks to James for letting us know about these Redwoods at Salhouse Hall.

He wrote "Four fine Giant Redwood specimens are sited north west of Salhouse within the ground of Salhouse Hall at Latitude 52.679804 Long 1.402058 Elevation 25m.

Mr Henry Cator kindly granted me permission to inspect them closer in April 2016.

The first Redwood shown on the right measures 33.50m high with a strong basal girth of 8.20m when measuring over the several large trunk buttress that likely developed due to the exposed location.

The second from right measures 26.96m high with 6.40m basal girth.
The fourth visible is a funny pair of two with one leaning far to the north.
The furthest tree split into two near the base with one leaning out but still looking healthy.
A lean to the north is visible on the latter three.

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