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Newton Abbot - Courtney Park (Devon)
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Thanks to a Redwood enthusiast for sending these photographs of Courtney Park (opposite the train station in Newton Abbott, Devon). He said "Courtney Park is well worth a visit! The green flag awarded park has toilets, a bicycle rack, children play area, disabled and roadside parking, a bowling green, bandstand and a few acres of lovely gardens. There are 3 beautiful Sequoiadendrons and one dawn redwood in the park. The trees appear to be thriving in this country, and bearing plenty of cones and seeds. I measured the circumference at a height of around 5 feet to be approximately 17 feet around the largest of the trees! Stunning. Great addition to the park. Love them! "

Thanks also to Trevor for the above photograph of one of the Giant Redwood in Courtney Park.

Trevor says, "Courtenay Park was created by and named after William Courtenay, Earl Of Devon, in 1854. There are 3 Wellingtonias and 1 Dawn Redwood in this park with easy parking and access. This Wellingtonia is at the bottom of the park and nearby is the Dawn Redwood. The other two Wellingtonias are nearby, as well as some other lovely trees. I'm not sure of the age of the Wellingtonias but the date for the creation of the park is tantalizing (1854)."

* * * Update - December 2019 * * *

David wrote to say "I spent so many years sitting under the Giant Redwoods in Courtney Park when my Daughter was in the playground without realising what they were. We had a walk down there today and sighting using a large equilateral triangle with plumb line, we estimate the three Giant Redwoods to be 23m, 24m and 24m respectively with girths around 5-6m at 1m up.

We didn't spot the Dawn Redwood in that park, because we weren't sure what it looked like in winter, and it started raining!

Thanks for the update David, and it's quite understandable about not spotting the Dawn as they are quite camouflaged in the winter months apart from their fluted trunks. David also visited Forde Park.

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