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Newton Abbot - Forde Park (Devon)
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Thanks to Crystal for sending the location of Giant Redwoods in Newton Abbot. Crystal says that this one is in Forde Park.

* * * Update - December 2019 * * *

David told us about his visit to Courtney Park and he wrote "We also visited the Giant Redwood in Forde Park just up the road slightly and measured that at 25m high with a much larger girth of between 8 and 9m at 1m up. We also spotted another interesting tree without foliage which possibly might be a Dawn Redwood looking at pictures on the web. We can't tell as it seems very hard to tell the swamp cypress apart without proper foliage but the cones don't look right for a larch. We may just have to be patient and wait for Spring."

I would be interested to hear if you are able to identify the other tree from its foliage in the spring/summer. I would hazard a guess that it's a Swamp Cypress from the trunk (not fluted) and the catkin-like fronds (not seen on Dawn Redwood) but I hope you can let me know.

* * * Update - April 2020 * * *

Well, well, the tree is a Dawn Redwood after all! David sent this photograph now the leaves are out and there is no mistaking the opposing needles.
I realise now that I have seen similar "catkins" on a Dawn Redwood after all at Purleigh - All Saints Church (Essex). Well spotted David!

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