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Minsterworth - Church Lane (Gloucestershire)
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Growing close to the River Severn, this Giant Redwood must have seen a few Bores in its time.
A tidal bore is an amazing phenomenon; the water suddenly going the wrong way up a river, often with a wave crest, has to be seen and heard to be fully appreciated. It travels some twentyone miles between Awre and Gloucester and occurs one to three days following a new and full moon.

This was a 3* Bore in April 2017

Maybe not as spectacular as a 5* but it still makes quite a splash!

Before the Bore

After the Bore
After the Bore has continued upstream, the river continues to rise for about an hour before it changes direction again and heads back towards the sea.
The water brings with it many uprooted trees (we didn't spot any Redwoods) and debris and it moves with some speed; around 8 to13 miles per hour.

This was another 3* Bore seen from the cliff top at Westbury-on-Severn in April 2017.
This part of the river is much wider and surfers and kayakers gather to take advantage of the wave.

Common Names and Latin Name Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Date Measured
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
SO 77509 16945 46ft
27.5m April 2017

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