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Kilbride - Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens (County Wicklow) includes an Avenue
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Another marvellous contribution for Ireland from Scott in Kilbride just south of Dublin.
He said that Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens has "all 3 types of Redwood scattered throughout the grounds."
Notice the unusual plant growing from the tree, does anyone have any ideas? It looks like some kind of air plant perhaps.

Charles wrote to say "The plant growing on the trunk of the redwood is Fascicularia bicolor (Bromeliaceae).
Please don't call it an "air plant" which is a ridiculous Victorian term.
It is a hardy member of the Bromeliaceae not uncommon in Irish gardens.

Thanks Charles, I have learnt something new today!

Scott said that there is"an avenue of young Coast Redwoods near the entrance driveway."

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