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Giant Redwood - October 2008
Bill sent the above photograph of a Giant Redwood in Kendal and he says, "I just discovered your website. We have a redwood at the bottom or garden that is over 100 ft tall. I have recently cut back some ivy growing on it. I doubt that it would have harmed it but as you can see it was 1/4 the way up the trunk ! Our house was built in 1929 on land that was sold off from the big house that you can see in the picture. I suppose that the tree was planted when the house was built in the mid 1900s. Incidentally, my next door neighbour also has a redwood in his garden. They certainly are magnificent trees and I have been lucky enough to see them in California."

Thanks Bill, I am glad to hear you have been cutting back the ivy. It is a shame when it takes a hold. I am not so sure that it does no harm because apart from obscuring the wonderful bark it also seems to eventually overwhelm the tree. It is highly unlikely to kill the tree but if it smothers the lower branches it will cause the tree to drop them, much as it would if it were closely crowded by other trees.

Bill replied, "I also recently felled a large sycamore that was crowding the Redwood. As you say, the lower branches on the side nearest to the sycamore were dead. Hopefully it will continue to thrive for many years to come."

Andrew wrote in March 2024 with some sad news;
"Bill sent you a picture of an ivy-covered Redwood in Kendal. I am sad to report that that tree is no more, although the Redwood in Bill's neighbour's garden is still standing tall.

From 1970, I grew up in the house in the picture, and knew the tree well as it was on the route to my friend's garden (with the other Redwood), although we never seriously tried to climb either of them. There are actually two tarred roads between the Redwood and the house in Bill's picture.

My "big house" was built c 1862-1864 and originally had extensive gardens that included the properties where the Redwoods now stand, and four others on that side. I have always presumed that these trees and many others (including at least three different large cedars) were planted soon after the house was built, as a sort of show garden for significant tree types.

It might be fifteen or twenty years since Bill's Redwood became unsafe and had to be removed. A large crane was brought to the road nearer the house (the nearer one was probably too narrow) to lower the sections of the tree as they came down. There was discussion about whether the sections would be too heavy for the crane, especially with the large reach required.

I wasn't around at the time to count the rings to say for sure how old Bill's tree was.

I saw Redwoods in Yosemite in the early 1980s but we didn't get to the big Redwood groves, and returned saying that the biggest tree I'd seen was still the one I watched from my bedroom."

What a great tale Andrew, sad to see the loss of another Victorian-era Redwood but it's good to hear the other one is still standing.

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