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Giant Redwood at sunset

"Little Billy"
Gwen originally wrote asking for some advice when she was told that the Redwood tree in her road was to be taken down because it was dying. Gwen says, "We have lived in Horsham West Sussex for 30 years. When we decided to purchase our house our minds were made up when we saw the beautiful Redwood on the land adjacent to the house we chose to buy. We were thrilled to bits with this as when we had previously lived in California we had become great fans of these trees."

Despite Gwen and her neighbours best endeavours, the tree was finally felled by Horsham District Council. Some months later, the Council were to plant a replacement Redwood on "Wednesday 18th November, the day my husband died. I am very pleased that they are doing this as I feel we have won the battle in our small way. The new tree is 3 metres tall and will be planted adjacent to where the old tree stood. The Council tells me that the new tree is larger than normal, but did not give a reason. I personally feel that we had the local District Councillor on our side and many neighbours. Also the local newspaper took an interest when the tree was felled. They are sending a reporter to cover the planting. I feel that we have succeded with people power."
Giant Redwood planted Wednesday 18th November 2009
Gwen sent these photographs and said that "'Little Billy' was planted on November 18th 2009 in memory of my husband Squadron Leader A S (Bill) Little. We are going to have a plaque put up with a suitable inscription. Possibly 'Bill Little - 1929-2009 - Flying High and Partying Elsewhere' It is a very pretty tree and it stand 3 metres high. I just hope that it lasts as long as the old one !! It also looks good with the snow on it. "

It is fantastic to see such a large specimen being planted. This should give it a really good head start, and I hope to see further pictures of the tree over the years as it rockets skyward!

A pleasing outcome, well done Gwen. I am glad that you found a lot of local support and hope that "Little Billy" continues to give much pleasure to you and your neighbours over the coming years.

Giant Redwood - October 2023
Thanks to Steve who sent an updated photograph of this tree. He wrote; "it has grown really well and is now starting to get to a nice size."

It's good to see that "Little Billy" is thriving!

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