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Lurgashall - The Rectory (West Sussex)
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Thanks to Frances for these photographs of a Giant Redwood in Lurgashall.
Frances wrote in December 2020; "There is a very tall tree located in the garden of The Rectory Lurgashall, Petworth West Sussex, GU28 9ET
(near the Surrey/sussex borders not far from Blackdown.)
From the shear size of it, and red trunk I am almost certain it is a redwood, but I am still rather confused between the redwood types and other large conifer trees.
However the owners kindly let me take photos which I enclose below which should help to identify it.

Yes, it is a Giant Redwood aka Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum).
When I started out it took me quite a while to distinguish between the types but after the first few hundred it becomes much easier!
I like the village green vista putting the position and size of the Redwood into context.

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