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Haywards Heath - Oathall Road (Sussex)
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The resident who has one of these Redwoods in his front garden looked puzzled when asked if he minded someone measuring the tree. Little did he know that this, along with the one standing in the garden next door, are among the broadest in England!

It is interesting to note that although these two trees are of similar height and girth, one has retained the neater juvenile Wellingtonia form, whereas the other has taken on a more open and voluminous shape typical of examples of this age.

Common Names and Latin Name No. Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Girth Date Measured
Giant Redwood, Giant Sequoia, Wellingtonia
Sequoiadendron giganteum
1 N51.00113
TQ 33352 24132 191ft
26.1m 8.17m September 2007
2 N51.00134
TQ 33368 24155 258ft
31m 7.67m September 2007
Girth was measured at 1.5m from ground.

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