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Godalming - Hascombe Hill (Surrey)
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Aidan sent these photographs in December 2020 of Giant Redwoods in Hascombe Hall. He wrote; "Hascombe Hill near Godalming is an amazing place for trees, It has loads of ancient beech trees, tall conifers and several redwoods. On two wind-blasted fields on the south-east slope there are two groups of Giant sequoias. This is the largest in the westerly group. The top is very sparse and it has obviously been struck by lightning at least once in the past. Itís girth is quite impressive Ė 7.39m at 1.50m."
"Another tree in the same group. The original top has been broken off but the tree hasnít hesitated about growing a new one.
A large branch has broken off near the base. The girth was 5.97m @ 1.50m.
"The general view of the westerly group"
"The the largest tree in the easterly group. Itís a whopper. 7.97m girth at 1.50m."
"Me standing next to the base of the second largest tree in this group. The girth was 7.96m at 1.50m."
"A third tree in the easterly group. This was the only one in this group that seemed to have suffered any serious damage as a result of the exposed site. Girth was 7.32 at 1.50m."
"There are a further 3 Giant sequoias in the wood on the hill, along with 4 Coast redwoods. The girth of this tree was 6.26 at 1.50m. Itís a very impressive tree."

A great set of Redwoods, well done and thanks for taking the girth measurements, it helps us appreciate the impressive size of these trees.

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