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Glasgow - Royston Road (Lanarkshire)
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Three Giant Redwoods - November 2020
James wrote to give an update on these three young Giant Redwood growing beside Royston Road.

"I thought you might be interested an update on the progress of the three Sequoias on Royston Road, Glasgow. All three are doing well and have grown significantly since last photographed. As you can see the one in the centre and the one left of centre lost their tops some years ago to high winds but have been instead steadily building girth rather than height. Recently though they appear to be ready to find a new lead and I would think in a couple of years time they will be reaching for the sky's again. The one right of centre has never lost its top and now appears nearly twice as tall as the other two, bizzarily it stands to the west of the other two and is exposed to the strongly westerly winds the most yet its the other two that lost their tops."

Thank James, they have certainly done well. I have rarely seen Giant Redwood that small lose their top in a storm (they're usually too flexible for the wind to damage them) so it must have been a powerful wind!
Three young Giant Redwoods - October 2008 Shaggy Ink Cap
Tam sent the above photographs and said, "Out on a mushroom collecting day with the countryside rangers in Glasgow and came across these three young Giant Sequoia on Royston Road in the North side of Glasgow. All around them were a huge collection of Shaggy Ink Cap mushrooms so it killed two birds with one stone for me to find them growing next to the Sequoias."

Thanks Tam, three very nice young Giant Sequoia. As well as finding Redwoods you're obviously also a bit of a "fun-gi". I'm really sorry about that, I was unable to resist!

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