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Hamilton - Chatelherault Country Park (Lanarkshire)
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Giant Redwoods - 2017
Thanks to Robbie for sending the above photograph of five Giant Sequoia in Chatelherault Country Park in 2017.

Robbie said; "I thought it might be worth mentioning that a huge area of the riverside in chatelerhault country park in Hamilton, Scotland has recently been cleared revealing five gigantic redwood trees that were previously hidden among smaller conifers."

It's great that they decided to keep the Giant Sequoia when cutting down all the others. They have lost a lot of their lower branches but this is quite normal in a forest situation where they were competing against all the other trees, they just put all their energy into making a bolt for the sky!

Giant Redwoods - May 2007
Thanks to Tam for the information and photograph of three Sequoiadendron giganteum at Chatelherault Country Park in 2007.

Tam said "I don't know the heights of the trees but the left hand one is 5m circumference measured at height 1.5m; the middle is 5.25m circumference and the right hand one is 5m in circumference. The close up pictures don't do these three justice. I have collected seed from them and will attempt to germinate!!"
Good luck with your attempts to germinate the seeds. You may find the Growing Page useful for some tips on this.

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