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Fownhope - Fownhope Court (Herefordshire)
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Giant Redwood - October 2008
Five Wellingtonia found at the back of a group of houses in Fownhope.

* * * Update October 2020 * * *

Ian wrote to let us know that "there is currently an application before Herefordshire County Council, seeking Conservation Area Approval, to fell the Wellingtonia shown in your photo on the website, Its the right hand tree of the two shown in the foreground."

* * * Update November 2020 * * *

Ian wrote again in November" Shortly after our email exchange last month the planning application to fell the tree was withdrawn and replaced with a new application to thin lower branches and remove dead branches/stubs. Not entirely ideal but at least the standing tree remains to fight another day. I'll keep you posted on the outcome and possibly a photo or two. I can see the tree from my sitting room window."

Thank you for the update Ian and yes, please do let us know of any more developments. It must be a great view you have from your sitting room window!

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