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Corfe Mullen - Blandford Road (Dorset)
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Coast Redwood - 1987
(the lady who donated the tree which was 3 feet high in 1984)

Coast Redwood - 2014

Coast Redwood - 2020

Coast Redwood - 2020
Joe wrote to let us know about his four Coast Redwood. He said they "have been featured in Best of British Magazine and led me to being an Honorary Member of The Californian Redwood Association. Three of my trees were simply taken from cuttings from the original tree which was planted here ‘for Christmas’ in 1984. I have supplied numerous cuttings over the years to friends but only those planted in this part of Dorset have survived."

The original sapling was purchased from Yellowstone Park in 1981.
All measurements in the table below were taken by Joe's son in the first half of 2020.
Common Names and Latin Name No. Height Basal Girth Date Measured
Coast Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
Original 72ft 6" / 22m 14ft 6" / 4.4m early 2020
1 -- 6ft 2" / 1.88m May2020
2 -- 10ft 4" / 3.15m May 2020
3 57ft / 17.37m 7ft 10" / 2.39m May 2020

Coast Redwood "cutting" No. 1 - 2020
still just visible to left at base a tiny
steel spike to pull the sapling upright

Coast Redwood "cutting" No. 2 - 2020

Coast Redwood "cutting" No. 3 - 2020

Coast Redwood - 2020
the three (saplings) with the bent Scots Pine on the left

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