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Worlingworth - New Road (Suffolk)
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Thanks to Geoffrey for the above photograph and information on a Giant Redwood at Worlingworth.

Geoffrey says, "In the 1987 hurricane, the top few feet of the tree broke off and a new growth can now be seen, which is not entirely straight. A couple of years ago, a concerned parishioner took a saw to the thick ivy which had been growing up the tree. The ivy is now dead.

I am still researching its origin of planting - this may take a long time. I suspect that it may have been planted closer to 1900 than 1853, possibly to commemorate Queen Victoria's jubilees or as a personal commemoration of Rector Frederick French's family landmarks e.g. a death or wedding.

Frederick French was Rector of Worlingworth from 1853 to 1907. The Redwood was planted on Church land. It is difficult to judge how old this tree might be. Just because it is significantly smaller than many other examples in this country does not necessarily mean that it was planted much later than the rest.

Very pleased to hear about the ivy being removed and good luck in your research into the origin of planting, we have found this to be quite difficult in a lot of cases, even where a tree is quite young there usually very little record of who planted it, when and why.

Geoffrey also collected the following information that will be a useful record for any comparisons in future years.

Date 30th December 2006
Height (approx) 20.0m = 66-67ft (using the long stick/photo/cut/paste method)
Girth 3.53 metres, measured 1.5 metres above the base.
Location New Road, Worlingworth opposite the old Rectory (no sat nav data available)
Condition Good

* * * Update 2018 * * *

I finally managed to visit this Giant Redwood twelve years later and it was interesting to see the measurement comparisons, although accuracy is not easy to obtain when trying to measure such tall, moving objects that are sometimes growing at an angle, and also it can be difficult to gauge the actual top of the tree. Nevertheless, it appears to have grown somewhat since Goeffrey took his measurements in 2006.

Common Names and Latin Name Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Girth Date Measured
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
TM 23193 68686 170ft
21.7m 3.9m November 2018
Girth was measured at 1.5m from ground.

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