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Windsor - Windsor Great Park (Berkshire)
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Dawn Redwood - October 2017
Thanks to Tim for this fabulous Autumn photograph of a Dawn Redwood grove in Windsor Great Park.

He said; "There are quite a few Dawn Redwoods in Windsor Great Park. Some of the individual specimens are labelled Metasequoia glyptostroboides. There are other Redwoods as well. The photo was taken at the top of the Daffodil Valley, a large valley full of blooms in the spring and a wonderful setting with the relatively young Dawn Redwoods planted at the top of the valley. As you can see, the leaf fall on the Dawn Redwoods is well advanced, despite the mild weather."

Dawn Redwood - April 2016
Tim sent another great shot of the Dawn Redwood grove in Windsor Great Park, this time taken in the Spring by his brother.

He said; "I showed my brother Andrew your site and the new page for Windsor Great Park, and he gave me this photo taken in April 2016 from a similar vantage point to the Autumn photograph I sent.

With the Dawn Redwoods bare, it highlights an initial problem we had in identifying them. The younger trees, as in this glade, tend to have horizontal or slightly pointing upwards branches, whereas on the more mature trees the branches start to hand downwards giving quite a different profile.

I can appreciate your initial dilemma in identifying the trees, particularly when the branches are bare, and I notice that the trunks look a little slimmer than one would expect for their heights. No doubt this is the effect of being in a grove and competing with others to reach for the sunlight.

GIant Redwood - March 2020
Thanks to Asimina for sending this photograph and she wrote
"There are many sequoia in the great park but no avenues I know of. This one has biggest girth I have come across at 9.65m and growing at about 10cm a year. I believe this is the largest Sequoiadendron in the park. It has recently had a fence placed around it."

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