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Wellington - Foxdown Hill (Somerset)
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"The group image shows Tree One on the left, Tree Two in the middle and then Tree Three on the right."
Thanks to George for another find in Wellington, Somerset.
He wrote; "Here are four Wellingtonias on Foxdown Hill.
Tree One - looking a bit weather-beaten which may have occurred due to being at the top of a hill.
   Although the other two don’t seem to be in such a state.
Tree Two - The Wellingtoina in Exeter Road can be seen underneath this tree in the distance.
Tree Three - tall enough to be visible from many areas of the town.
Tree Four - down toward the end of the road."

George's co-ordinates and measurements for these trees in December 2021:
Tree One: 50°58'15.6"N 3°14'06.6"W. Height: 26.9 metres.
Tree Two: 50°58'17.6"N 3°14'07.4"W. Height: 22.1 metres.
Tree Three: 50°58'21.1"N 3°14'09.7"W. Height: 30.8 metres.
Tree Four: 50°58'23.7"N 3°13'57.7"W. Height: 9.3 metres.

Giant Redwood - December 2021 - Tree One

Giant Redwood - December 2021 - Tree Two

Giant Redwood - December 2021 - Tree Three

Giant Redwood - December 2021 - Tree Four

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