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Watford - Cassiobury Park (Hertfordshire)
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Giant Redwood - June 2019
Jonathan sent the above photograph in June 2019 and wrote to say
"We live in Watford and walk in Cassiobury park frequently but only just noticed a giant redwood there!"

Dawn Redwood - June 2021
Thanks to Sue and Jonathan for this photograph of another of their finds in Cassiobury Park - this time it's a Dawn Redwood, the picture was taken in June 2021.

Dawn Redwood - November 2022
Then later in November 2021 Sue wrote; "Well, I thought that we had seen all the redwood trees in Cassiobury park in Watford, but we found 5 more! The Dawn redwoods are bunched together near one of the main paths (although one we rarely take). One of the photos is taken wide angle so the trees look as if they are leaning - but they are tall and straight! "

Then later still in November Sue wrote again; "having found the 5 dawn redwoods, we looked around and have found 3 more in the same area! We are obviously not that observant! Although they seem to be a bit easier to spot in their autumn colours.

One has two main trunks and is close to the group of 5, the other 2 are in a wilder area of many self seeded trees and bushes. Iíve attached a photo of the double trunk one, the others are more hidden and would be lost in a photo."

I'm glad you looked again Sue. I have done the same thing myself, feeling pleased that I've found a tree or two and then forgotten to take a look around a little further, easily done!

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