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Warminster - Longleat House and Gardens (Wiltshire)
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A Giant Redwood and Coast Redwood on the Pleasure Walk

Azalia Drive has several Coast and Giant redwoods.
Thanks to Robbie, who is a groundsman at the Longleat Estate, for sending photographs and measurements of some of their redwoods. Robbie says,

"On our estate we have several very large coast redwoods and wellingtonias.

On our Pleasure Walk we have one very large and beautiful redwood. The giant sequoia is 45 metres high with a 7.3 metre girth. I measured the height with a Clinometer. In the recent storms several trees around it fell, including two douglas firs, but this mighty tree showed no effects. Also on the Pleasure Walk is the largest coast redwood I have found (we have several). Its height is 33.5 metres, with a girth of 7.1 metres.

There are several Coast and Giant Redwoods on Azalia Drive. The nearest giant sequoia in the top photograph has a 7.1m girth and is 40m high. The giant sequoia in the far left of the photo has the same girth and is 43m high.

Our forestry also has a large plantation of them. Since I have been there we have been planting many trees and several redwoods. The estate has many wonderful trees and would be well worth a visit.

* * * Update - December 2019 * * *

David Abrahams, who is the Arboricultural Supervisor for the 10,000 acre Longleat Estate wrote in December 2019 to let us know about a couple of their Coast Redwoods which he says "measure over 58m in height." This would make them among the tallest in the country and Europe.

He also said "Longleat Estate also has the largest redwood plantation outside of America planted in 1951, a sight to behold."

Longleat Estate is a definite addition to my list of places to visit next time Iím in the area!

* * * Update - March 2024 * * *

Giant Redwood - March 2023
Thanks to Paul who wrote to us in March 2024 and sent the above photograph taken in March 2023; "this magnificent tree grows adjacent to the Shearwater Sailing Clubhouse at Shearwater on the Longleat Estate in Wiltshire. I am unsure of the Species so I am hoping you could identify it please."

It is a Giant Redwood Sequoiadendron giganteum aka Giant Sequoia aka Wellingtonia and it certainly is magnificent! A lovely blue sky too.

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