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Uckfield - Sheffield Park (Sussex)
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A couple of the marvellous lake views in the park - March 2014

Look out for falling branches if you sit here!

A Dawn Redwood in its leafless winter state
You will need to bring some comfortable footwear on a visit to Sheffield Park as there are plenty of trails to follow and lots of ground to cover. The above photographs, including the one of the weir, were taken on a very early spring day. Definitely a place worth seeing. Time did not permit tree measuring on this visit and I didn't manage to get a picture of the most unusual Redwood tree in the park, but luckily several contributors sent the pictures shown below after their own visits.

Giant Redwood - May 2008

Giant Redwood - May 2008
Thanks to Alexander for sending the above two photographs of a Giant Redwood in Sheffield Park.
He wrote to say that "both were taken 05/05/2008 in Sheffield Park. This is an informal landscape garden five miles east of Haywards Heath in East Sussex."

The Redwood has developed an interesting root system around the base, it even appears to have grown its own seat for young tired admirers!

Giant Redwood - November 2008
Thanks also to Tam, who is our top Redwood spotter in Scotland, for sending the above picture of this incredible tree, which was taken by his brother-in-law.

Giant Redwood - July 2021
Aidan sent this photograph of this incredible Giant Redwood in Sheffield Park.
He wrote; "I measured the girth of the largest tree twice. Once at 1.80m above the ground, diverting my measuring tape over the burr and got a measurement of 9.53m. For the second time I measured at the standard 1.50m above the ground and measured around the burr. I got 11.75m for the second measurement. What a massive tree!"

Yes it's one of those trees where the bulges at the base make it impossible to get a realistic single girth measurement, i.e. one that relates to the overall size of the tree. This is just one of many contributions to the Redwood World website by Adian.

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