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Tatchbury Mount (Hampshire)
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Thanks to Keith for sending pictures of this beauty of a tree on the iron age hill fort of Tatchbury, near Southampton. Keith informed us that the site is an iron age hill fort owned by a combination of English Heritage and English Partnerships, and that on one side of the hill fort is a large former mental hospital.

Keith also says that "until recently, the hill fort was surmounted by a large house: built in 1770. The surrounding area was landscaped sometime in the 19th century. The parkland and gardens were dotted around with various interesting trees (some of which can be seen) but the Redwood is on the summit not far from the remains of the house."  A security guard first told Keith about the tree, so thanks to him too or we may have missed this one out!

** LATEST NEWS - August 2006 **

Steph wrote to tell us of some unfortunate development regarding the tree at Tatchbury Mount:

" I was amazed by the photo of the wellingtonia up on Tatchbury mount....as it almost identical image to a 'before' photo I took when tree surgeons recently did some drastic work on the tree. I am sending you some 'after' photos. Apparantly a security guard apprehended some youngsters starting a fire under the tree while others were high up in the branches, so the decision was made to make it unclimbable."

How sad to see the damage inflicted on the tree by the tree surgeons, and all just to save a few idiots from falling out of it. It is hard to believe such people can take a lovely tree like this and decimate it in such a manner. Still the good news is that it should not effect the health or the growth of the tree.

* * * Update - December 2007 * * *

Original Tatchbury Giant Redwood           Tatchbury's Second Redwood
Keith sent the above two photographs and gave an update on the Tatchbury tree:

"I can report the tree is looking a lot more healthy now. A professional has obviously been at work and the wounds have been tidied up and treated. It looks a lot better." Keith also says, During my visit to the Tatchbury Redwood in Hampshire recently, I think I found a 'Son of Redwood' about 100 feet to the North East. Although I couldn't get a decent photo of the trunk (it is in thick undergrowth) I can confirm it looks identical to the larger tree. Have we got two Redwoods in the same area? "

Thank you Keith, that is good news about the original Redwood, it appears to be recovering well, although I would personally have prefered the branch left on in the first place! Well done on finding another Wellingtonia in the area. I have often said that where you find one Redwood there is often more close by. After all, if one were to plant such a magificent tree, it would be prudent to plant several to ensure at least one survives the sapling stage.

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