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Spean Bridge - Corriegour Lodge Hotel (Inverness-shire)
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Giant Redwood - June 2012
Situated on the shores of Loch Lochy on the A82 road from Fort Augustus to Fort William are three Giant Redwoods standing in the grounds of the Corriegour Lodge Hotel. As can be seen from the photograph, one has lost its top, probably from a lightening strike, but it is still a tall tree. Thanks to Alex who advised about these trees by texting just before we got there. Then again, it would have been difficult to miss them on the small peninsula, silhouetted against the sky.

Giant Redwood - June 2012

Giant Redwood - May 2011
In 2023 looking back on old emails, I found that a year before this discovery I was told about it by Tam and I hadn't made a page for this superb photograph of one of the trees in the grounds of the Corriegour Lodge Hotel.

Tam had written in 2011; "I found 3 Giant Sequoias at the Corriegour Lodge Hotel on the A82 trunk road (N56.59514, W4.51825). They are all around the 40m height mark."

Tam's estimate of the heights was pretty good. Two were just under 40 metres im height when I measured them in 2012.

Common Names and Latin Name No. Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Girth Date Measured
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
1 N56.99243
NN 26158 92676 47ft
37.9m 6.4m June 2012
2 N56.99268
NN 26215 92702 40ft
36.8m -- June 2012
3 N56.99276
NN 26210 92711 36ft
32.7m 7.13m June 2012
Girth was measured at 1.5 metres from ground

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