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Cremyll Island - Mount Edgcumbe (Cornwall)
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Thanks to Neil who sent the above photograph of a solitary Giant Redwood at Mount Edgcumbe near the hamlet of Cremyll on the Rame Peninsula just across the river Tamar from Plymouth. (Neil also informed us about an avenue of Wellingtonia in Langley Park Arboretum near Slough.) Of Cremyll he says;

"This location is less spectacular, containing only 1 giant sequoia tree. It is located on a small peninsula in south west england, accessible by a small 5 minute ferry ride. The tree seems to be doing well, maybe due to the abundence of water."

Despite a recent holiday (August 2006) in Cornwall looking for Redwoods, this location remains the only one in the South West of the country we have recorded so far that contains a Redwood tree. Perhaps this is due to the exposed West coast and the salty conditions.

Richard is a teacher and took his class to Mount Edgcumbe Country Park where the Ranger informed them "that the tree in your photo is approximately 150 years old. It is producing many cones about 3-4cm long.

The other good news is that there is a second Giant Redwood in the same park. Follow the path uphill from the ornamental pond and next to the path is another Redwood doing well on the hillside (it has a girth of approximately 8). It is surrounded by other trees and due to this has no low hanging branches.

My children loved learning about the Redwoods and are inspired by them being so long-lived and the largest trees in the world. Great stuff.

Thank you for letting me know about the extra Giant Redwood in this location, it's great to hear there is more than one!
It's also nice to hear that the next generation are developing a fascination for these trees.

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