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Ollerton - Thoresby Park (Nottinghamshire) includes an Avenue
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Giant Redwood Avenue - November 2021
Thanks to Ricky for providing these photographs of Giant Redwoods in Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire.
Ricky wrote; "While we were staying at Thoresby Hall, my sister and I went for a lovely three mile circular walk around Thoresby Park
and we saw this avenue in Henrys Grove. The Sherwood Forest Visitor website has a handy map which we followed.
As well as the avenue, we found another row of Giant Redwood trees here that can be clearly seen on Google Earth."

Giant Redwood Avenue from a distance - November 2021

"There were some fantastic vivid Autumn colours throughout the park" - November 2021
Thoresby Hall was built in 1860 by the 3rd Earl Manvers and is now one of the Warner Leisure Hotels.
Ricky wrote; "On our return walk we were looking North and could see yet another group of Giant Redwoods in the distance,
perhaps these are the Redwoods at Camp Redwood - a wild adventure camp for young people."

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