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Milford - Shugborough Estate (Staffordshire)
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Thanks to Mike who sent details and photographs of Redwoods on the Shugborough Estate. He says; "You can open a section for Staffordshire on the website now. My brother Steve took the above photograph on the Shugborough estate

I'm not sure how many trees there are in total, but my uncle walks there regularly and says there are a few more redwoods growing at the opposite end of the estate from where these pictures were taken.

* * * Update - April 2015 * * *

Many thanks to John who has been busy surveying the Giant Redwoods at Shugborough. He wrote to say; "I have been carrying out a survey of conifers in and around the Shugborough Estate and have, so far, come across 21 giant redwoods in groups extending from a group of 4 near the main gate of the Estate at Milford, through the Arboretum (primarily an oak arboretum but also having a group of 8 wellingtonia and 3 deodar cedar) to the Great Haywood Cliffs National Trust area where there are another 8 as well as an isolated specimen close to the Essex bridge."

After further investigations John found a further 22 Giant Redwoods and below is his comprehensive list of measurements and co-ordinates.

Giant Redwood
Thanks to Dan for this photograph of the row of Giant Redwood - Sequoiadendron giganteum at the Shugborough Estate taken in June 2021.
The picture is a nice addition to the ones we already had of largely individual shots of the trees.

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