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Lansdown - Battlefields House (Somerset)
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Thanks to Bob who sent the above photograph and wrote with details of four Wellingtonias at Battlefields House.
"We have four Wellingtonias - 2 at about 30m each. Biggest girth is 4.7, next 4.1 and last two <4m.
Age probably between 116yrs and 200 yrs (based in site history), but given that they were not discovered until 1850s, then I guess NOT 200 yrs!

Three other significant trees on the other side of the house (one cedar and two copper beeches are most probably 1850s
(shown on map of 1882).
The owners at that time had shipping links to the Americas but I'm not able to confirm that the sequoias are the same date.

The house is Battlefields House on the site of the Battle of Lansdown 1643.
It was built around (absorbing) the former Lilliput Castle (architect John Wood the elder who did a lot of Bath).
The current house was built in 1802 by architect Charles Harcourt Masters (originally called Ashton Lodge).

Thank you for the history of the house and grounds. Yes, you are right they would not be 200 years old, but with a height of around thirty metres it is quite possible they would be among the earliest planted in the country.

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