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Hoxton - Curtain Road (London)
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Giant Redwood - October 2019 - Tree Nos. 1 & 2
Tomasz wrote to say he had made this discovery of two new Giant Sequoia while on his way to see the trees near The Gherkin.

"They’re at the crossing of Curtain Rd and Worship St, just outside the Queen of Hoxton bar. I’m trying to figure out nomenclature for their location, they aren’t actually in Hoxton (even though everyone would know the location when told they’re by the Queen of Hoxton), they’re in Hackney but that’s too large of an area to name them after.
Tree No.1 N51.5219903, W0.0809970 - girth 18cm Tree No.2 N51.5219444, W0.0811362 - girth 19cm

Thanks Tomasz, I will keep the area as Hoxton for now until someone has another idea.

I notice that once again far too little space has been given for the horizontal growth of these trees, it will be less than ten years before they will have to put up a new guard and widen the surrounding paving.

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