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Coast Redwood - August 2021

Coast Redwood - August 2021
Thanks to Michael who wrote to let us know about a Coast Redwood on Hampstead Heath.
He wrote; " It is the other side of the path from the south corner of the Vale of Heath pond, where the water runs off to the lower ponds.
GPS co-ordinates are 51.5620944,-0.1762165 and I believe the altitude is 116m (it is very near the highest point in Inner London).

A short while later Michael wrote again to say that he had discovered another on Hampstead Heath.
"Today I decided to look for the other one referred to on the Hampstead Heath website as being 'on the south west edge of Wood Pond (in the grounds of Kenwood)', and sure enough it exists. I think it is also a Coast Redwood, and mature enough to have cones."

I've often said where there's one Redwood, there will often be another planted fairly close by.
Yes, both are Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and it's good to know they occupy such a high spot in London!

Coast Redwood foliage

Coast Redwood trunk

Thanks also to Robert who also spotted a Coast Redwood on Hampstead Heath and wrote to us at about the same time as Michael.
It looks very much like the same tree in Michael's first photograph.

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