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Halstead - Broaks Wood (Essex)
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Nestled well inside Broaks Wood at Halstead is this superb grove of Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). It is impossible to do justice to this surprising and relatively rare find with just a few photographs - a visit is a must for anyone interested in these superb trees. Although far too immature to match the magnificent ancient groves of the USA, these fine youngsters certainly hold the promise of future splendour. They also serve to illustrate the most notable differences in growth between these and the Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum). The Coast redwood do not grow as broad as the Giant Redwood, and their trunks are straight in profile rather than tapering outward at the base.

Note also the way in which the Coast Redwood sprouts from around the base and from the roots of the parent trees. They will also grow readily from cuttings provided a fresh light-green growth is chosen.

Although it is a fair hike into the woods to find this grove, your walk will be amply rewarded by the magnificent views across the countryside on your trek.

An alternative route to the Coast Redwoods can be taken by parking in the car park off Hedingham Road, as indicated on the above map.
Markers 011, 012, 013 and 015 indicate the four corners of the Sequoia sempervirens plantation.

Marker Latitude and Longitude Elevation
(above sea-level)
CAR N51.95307 E0.59874 N51.95260 E0.60045 260ft
MAP N51.95301 E0.59891 N51.95254 E0.60062 271ft
011 N51.95127 E0.60700 N51.95080 E0.60871 235ft
012 N51.95156 E0.60586 N51.95109 E0.60757 254ft
013 N51.95190 E0.60627 N51.95143 E0.60798 261ft
014 N51.95176 E0.60650 N51.95129 E0.60821 257ft
015 N51.95141 E0.60748 N51.95094 E0.60920 233ft
POND1 N51.94996 E0.60749 N51.94949 E0.60920 258ft
POND2 N51.95184 E0.60705 N51.95137 E0.60876 259ft
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