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Halesworth - Town Park (Suffolk)
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Coast Redwood - September 2021

Giant Redwood - September 2021
It was only meant to be a stop in the market town of Halesworth for an ice-cream and a stroll in their park, so spotting both a Giant and a Coast Redwood was a bonus!

The Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is comprised of multiple stems, seemingly from ground level. The base was very crowded so it was difficult to see how that had occurred, but it is possible that a larger tree had been cut down and being the tenacious tree that it is, it has bounced back throwing up around six or eight shoots (something peculiar to Coast Redwoods, most pine trees will die after being cut to ground level). It will be interesting to see how it progresses over the next ten years or so.

The Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) has a nice fullsome shape but a certain percentage of the foliage was suffering from yellowing. I have noted this in other Giant Redwood trees over the decades, and on subsequent visits the effect had vanished. Another reason for a return visit in future years.

Giant Redwood - September 2021 (yellowing and wilting foliage)

Giant Redwood - September 2021 (yellowing and wilting foliage - close up)

Common Names and Latin Name No. Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Date Measured
Coast Redwood
Sequoia sempervirens
1 N52.34375
TM 38816 77522 -10ft
4.6m September 2021
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
2 N52.34394
TM 38788 77541 -14ft
6.9m September 2021
Girth was measured at 1.5m from ground.

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