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Great Waltham - The Vicarage (Essex)
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This superb Giant Redwood sits in the garden of the Vicarage, just the other side of South Street from the church. The owner has done a fine job of clearing away the dreaded ivy from the trunk. This legacy from the Victorian era is fortunate in having owners that are taking a keen interest in its welfare and history. It is their young son's favourite tree in the garden, and rightly so!

Common Names and Latin Name Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Girth Date Measured
Giant Redwood, Wellingtonia
Sequoiadendron giganteum
TL 69487 13431 129ft
29.8m 4.74m January 2007
Girth was measured at 1.5m from ground.

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