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Goudhurst - Old Park Wood (Kent)
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Coast Redwood "Big Red" - Early 2008

Coast Redwood "Big Red" - Late 2018
Thanks to Martin for sending the above photograph of a Coast Redwood in 2008 near Goudhurst. Martin says, "I reckon he is about 80 ft high, you can make out my wife standing next to him for comparison purposes. The photo was taken last year after snow when we think he looks best. He is growing in sweet chestnut woodland, called Old Park Wood near Goudhurst in Kent and, before we bought the 6 acres around him, Red was standing in overgrown coppice which we have now cleared around him. I like to think he is about 80+ years old but it is a mystery why he was planted in this spot in private commercial woods, maybe to commemorate someone, but the reason is lost in time somewhere."

When I discover a tree in an unusual place, I also wonder about the person who planted it and whether they did so to commemorate an event or simply because they like Redwoods. A marvellous and distinctive wintry picture.

Update 2018
In 2014 Martin planted several young Coast Redwood saplings to form a grove with "Big Red". In December 2018 he wrote to say "They are around 20” tall now and well shaped. I have also grown a few from small whips bought on line, so overall I have 10 Coast Redwoods in my wood.

They look at their best in winter when all the other trees have lost their leaves. One of the saplings was damaged by deer, they used the stem when it was quite young to fray their antlers and took off most of the bark in one area about 3’ from the ground (the tree was not protected….a lesson learnt). I thought I would lose it, but bound it with ordinary masking tape and the bark has all grown back now and after 5 years there is no sign of damage…..semper virens indeed !

I am really delighted with my trees and they have given much joy.

Coast Redwood - December 2008

Coast Redwood - December 2018
What a fantastic story Martin and it's great to hear they've given so much pleasure. I was going to add your story to the Tall Tales section of the website but as you already have a Giant of a Giant Redwood in the Locations section I thought I would add your young grove of trees to this page. I was intruiged to hear about your use of masking tape to help the tree heal from the bark loss, I will have to remember that if I have a similar problem with my own plantings.

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