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Edinburgh - Craigleith Retail Park (Midlothian)
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Dawn Redwoods - June 2010
Thanks to Alan who wrote in June 2010 to say that "the ten Dawn Redwood trees planted by Sainsbury’s, outside their Store in 1992/3, situated in THE QUARRY retail Park in Edinburgh have been chopped down, April 2010, to make way for an extension to the store. They were purchased and planted in 1993 as 13 year old trees from somewhere in Germany. The proposal in the planning application is for the trees to be replaced with a similar species which I am to presume will be Dawn Redwood. I will certainly send you confirmation of the new planting of Dawn Redwoods when this occurs."

seat made from Dawn Redwood - January 2009
Rather a sad start but Alan wrote again in early 2011 to say,
"I was able to convince them to replace them, which they have done with 10 younger trees. I also managed to convince them to make seats out of the old trees and an attachment shows one of the seats now located in the entrance to Sainsbury's Superstore. It shows the very colourful types of wood obtainable from the Dawn Redwood.

I also forgot to mention that I have grown a Dawn Redwood from seed planted in 2004. Photograph was taken in 2007 prior to me planting it in the garden."

Dawn Redwood - September 2007

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