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Edgbaston - University of Birmingham (West Midlands)
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Giant Redwood - September 2021
"This fellow is behind the Old Gym and is very skinny."

Giant Redwood - October 2021
"This Wellingtonia stands by the University Ring Roads."
Thanks to George for sending these photographs of two young Wellingtonia in Edgbaston.
An excellent couple of finds and they both look in superb condition.
It's relatively rare to encounter Giant Redwoods of this young age, although the Victorians planted many thousands, far fewer have been planted in more recent decades.

George said; "There used to be another young Wellingtonia next to the one on the University Ring Roads as can be seen on Google maps in 2017. Unfortunately, it has since been removed."

George's co-ordinates and measurements
Tree One: 5226'59.4"N 156'00.2"W. Height: 16 metres.
Tree Two: 5226'54.5"N 155'49.2"W. Height: 12 metres.

Coast Redwood - May 2022
"Next to the Giant Redwood behind the Old Gym."

Coast Redwood - May 2022
"The leaves seem to be in the right style and the trunk seems very red."
In May 2022 George wrote; "Im not very familiar with coastal redwoods but I believe that I have found one next to the Wellingtonia behind the Old Gym.".

Coast Redwood foliage - May 2022

Dawn Redwood - May 2022

Dawn Redwood - September 2022
In September 2022 George found a Dawn Redwood on the University of Birmingham campus to complete the set of three types of Redwoods.
He wrote; "This Dawn Redwood is just up the road from the second Wellingtonia in the area.
It is quite a short tree, but it seems to be very young so there is a great deal more growth to be had.

Its co-ordinates are 5226'54.1"N 155'43.6"W."

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