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Ebberston - St. Mary's church (North Yorkshire)
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Andy sent these photographs in December 2020 of a Giant Redwood (Sequoiadendron giganteum) in Ebberston.
He wrote: "I photograph a lot of trees etc and find the story of planting Redwoods in Victorian times fascinating.
There are a few locations around North Yorkshire, however one in particular is the best I have seen - in the church cemetery at St Mary's in Ebberston off the A170 near Thornton le Dale.
It is a beautiful tree and has grown around a grave headstone so that half of it is embedded in the trunk.

It certainly is a superb tree, I was quite astonished at the gravestone being "eaten" by the tree. Quite macabre!
I have seen wire fences and wooden posts being engulfed in this way but I believe this is something quite unique.
One can imagine the small sapling sitting alongside the pristine new stone back in the day.

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