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Drumnadrochit - Kilmichael House (Inverness-shire)
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Giant Redwoods - June 2007
Thanks Tam for finding these three Giant Sequoia near Drumnadrochit. Tam says "On the road to Urquhart Castle travelling through the village of Drumnadrochit I found another three Giant Sequoias. They are in the grounds of Kilmichael House which the owner told me had once belonged to a local doctor. I logged on to NHS Highland and the site there had the following info":

"Dr David MacDonald, a native of Beauly, set up practice in Drumnadrochit in the late 1880s. He lived in Kilmichael House, his surgery was a wooden shed at the back of the house. Dr David did his rounds on horseback. He had two horses for this purpose. The upkeep was 15/- per horse per week. In later years he drove a motor car, a Swift, which was purchased for him by the community. Dr David was the first person in the Glen to drive a motor car."

Tam continues "The owner told me that there had been a fourth at the back of the house but it had been cut down a few years ago and then she helped me to measure the trees which are in the front garden. The one right in front, nearest the house measures 7.88m. Of the other two - in the 2nd photo the left hand one is 7.33m and the right hand one is a huge 8.30m."

Well done Tam for obtaining some history surrounding the trees and their location. I have found that owners are rarely other than friendly and are happy to supply details of their trees. Well, who would not be proud to have such marvellous living monuments on one's doorstep!

Giant Redwoods - July 2009
Peggy sent more photopgraphs of the Redwoods at Kilmichael House. She says they are quite close to the Redwoods at Corrimony.
Peggy's coordinates for the location are N 57 19.896 W 004 42.002.

Giant Redwood - June 2012
Driving through Drumnadrochit it was a pleasure to stop and get a closer look at these three Giant Sequoia for myself. The friendly owner of this Bed and Breakfast was suitably proud of the Redwoods and was happy to have them measured and photographed. The girth measurements appear to correspond with those of Tam's from 2007. An inquisitive highland cow and her calf watched from the field next door.

Giant Redwoods - June 2012

Common Names and Latin Name No. Latitude and Longitude OS National Grid Elevation
(above sea-level)
Height Girth Date Measured
Giant Redwood
Sequoiadendron giganteum
1 N57.33854
NH 50379 30297 37ft
33.4m 8.21m June 2012
2 N57.33844
NH 50391 30285 36ft
36.5m 8.38m June 2012
3 N57.33839
NH 50374 30280 37ft
38.8m 7.69m June 2012
Girth was measured at 1.5 metres from ground

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