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Dalston - Culford Road (London)
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Dawn Redwood - October 2019 - Tree No. 1 Dawn Redwood - October 2019 - Tree No. 2
Thanks to Tomasz for recording co-ordinates and girth measurements for these two Dawn Redwood trees in Culford Road in the Borough of Hackney.

No. Latitude and Longitude Girth at 1m Girth at 1.5m
1 N51.543125, W0.081657 64cm 57cm
2 N51.542769, W0.081553 39cm 34cm
A photograph of the foliage helped to check they are Dawn Redwood and not Swamp Cypress.
We had mentioned in a previous email to Tomasz that as much as we love to see them, the choice of these trees in heavily concreted over areas does seem less than ideal. It's great that the planners like these trees and want to plant them but just a little unfortunate that they don't seem to be able to see far enough into the future and make sufficent provision for healthy growth. Despite reservations regarding the suitability of the site, it is great to see them and that the planners at least have them on their list of chosen trees.

"I absolutely agree with you on the point of planners having them on their list of chosen trees, it makes me super happy to see them planted in various sites around town. It's just a shame, not just with these trees, but with all species, that so often the root footprint they are given is so incredibly small. I keep passing trees which have barely 30x30 centimetres to get all their water and air. I wish there were more stringent guidelines for the council/transport department to follow when siting trees."

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