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Croxton Kerrial - A607 (Leicestershire)
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Thanks to Ray who wrote to say, "We took the dog for a walk along a track opposite the waterspout just outside Croxton Kerrial.
After about 500m we noticed the large redwood on the right. There were three other large trees one was a monkey puzzle tree.
"We also noticed a nest under the bark of the redwood and there were some very large wasp type creatures flying from nest. We were not sure whether these were a hornet or a large wasp. Tree position 52.856855,-0.775524"

I'm guessing from their shape that the other two taller trees in the photograph are Redwoods too, and the Monkey Puzzle is last in the line. I hope you kept well away from the wasp nest, particularly if they were hornets, interesting but nasty critters. I came across something similar in Queenswood Arboretum in Herefordshire. Be careful out there folks!

I also found the water spout interesting, it has been standing (and water spouting) since at least 1927, it was refurbished in 2003 and is part of an old water system sourced from a local spring.

Then, as often happens when I find a little time to research, I went off on a tanget and discovered this little gem of a website about Village Pumps.
A directory listing can be found here, with a huge amount registered in Essex.
The strapline made me chuckle too;
"More than you ever thought you needed to know about... Village Pumps".
I would have liked to have pinched this and changed it to ".... Redwood Trees."

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