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Chesterford - Chesterford Park (Essex) includes an Avenue
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Giant Redwood - May 2020
Thanks to Tim for writing to tell us about possible Redwoods in Chesterford Park in Essex.

"I think they are Redwoods - although may very well be something else. They don't appear on your location map as far as I can tell. These are located very close to a footpath near to Chesterford Park in Essex, which is now a research park but was once a stately home. There are at least two trees but possibly up to 5 or 6 in a small avenue of trees. "

They certainly are Redwoods Tim, I can count around 4 or 5 just from the photograph, so thank you for bringing them to my attention. I am especially keen to hear about them as they are in the county where I live, close enough for a day trip sometime in the future in order to measure them. Happy Days!

Giant Redwoods - May 2020
Tim sent another view of the trees at a distance.

"The two main trees from my original photo are on the extreme left of the photo. I send it because there are seemingly a lot of similar trees further along the avenue. They seem to have the same type of profile but many are much smaller so may not be Redwoods. I suspect not as I would assume the avenue was planted in one go and therefore you might expect all of the Redwoods to be a similar height. If they are Redwoods there could be more than twenty. One to check on your visit when you get a chance. "

It looks suspiciously like a row or an avenue to me Tim, although it's fairly difficult to tell from the photograph, I can't wait to have a chance to go and see them, thanks again.

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