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Broomfield - Brooklands House (Essex)
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Giant Redwood Tree Nos. 1, 2 & 3 - December 2016

Giant Redwood Tree No. 4 - December 2016

Bridge over the River Chelmer on Mill Lane
Four Wellingtonia stand in the grounds of Brooklands House in Broomfield. A pleasant two mile circular stroll may be taken along the footpath near the library. There are many different views of the trees along the way. The footpath does a dogleg left to reach Mill Lane where a bridge crosses the River Chelmer underneath which is noisy a wier.

You can extend the walk just under half a mile by going across the Essex Regiment Way (A130 - be careful crossing this busy road) and reaching the old Ordnance Survey Triangulation Pillar (number S3872) that is still standing beside the footpath. In December 2016 there was a great deal of housing development happening either side of the path. The pillars were installed across the country in the 1930's as an aid to the mapping of Britain. April 2016 marked the 80th birthday of the first use of the Trig Pillars.

On the way back from the pillar you can return via Mill Lane all the way to the Main Road and back to the library.

A friendly Robin in December 2016

Trig Pillar S3872

The two mile walk across the River Chelmer to the Trig Pillar S3872
The positions of the four Wellingtonia from the footpath are noted by blue flags 001-004

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